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Oase StreamMax Classic

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Oase StreamMax Aquarium pumps are a versatile and reliable stream pump.
Water circulation in any aquarium or fish tank is important. Keeping a steady flow of water movement in a tank provides benefits to the fish and life inside.
As the water is circulated by the pumps action, it improves the oxygen levels, disperses healthy nutrients and eliminates “dead-spots” in the tank. The movement of the water also mimics natural waves, something the fish enjoy and thrive on. The motion gives the fish a chance to be active as they swim against the current, helping to increase their exercise levels.
The Oase StreamMax Classic pumps are extremely powerful but quiet running pumps. Each pump has a variable water flow adjuster to help concentrate the water flow to different outflow angles depending on the needs of the tank. The pump also has four high quality suction holders to quickly and easily mount the pump on the side of a tank.

Dimensions (LxWxH)100 x 60 x 60mm120 x 68 x 78mm120 x 68 x 78mm
Stream Outlet Diameter37mm47mm47mm
Power Consumption3.5 watt5 watt10 watt
Power Cable Length2 meters2 meters2 meters
Net Weight0.20kg0.40kg0.40kg
Guarantee*3 Years3 Years3 Years
Litres Per Hour, Min.1500 l/h2400 l/h3600 l/h
Max. Flow Rate2000 l/h4000 l/h5000 l/h
Suitable for Freshwater or SaltwaterYesYesYes

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2000, 4000, 5000