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Ciano Aqua 60 LED Black

£74.99 Inc VAT

1 Biological filter CFBIO150 Ciano

1 LED lighting system CLA60 Ciano

1 Heater 50W

1 Dose WATER CLEAR “L” Ciano

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With perfect and resistant finishes, the Aqua 60 excels by its elegance and safety, with anti-shock plastic frames, polished corners and its lid with hinges.

The aquarium is equipped with a CFBIO150 Ciano® biological filtration system, with more filtration power due to its horizontal filtration (filter masses). The filter is equipped with a high performance motor 260 l / h, an efficient 50W heater and consumables (1 Water Clear “L” and 1 FOAM” L “) for chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. Optionally, you can attach a fully immersible digital thermometer with integrated sensor.features the CLA60 Ciano®, a certified low voltage lighting system for total safety, ensuring natural lighting and low energy consumption.

Total Volume 58 L
Gross weight 9,43 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)60 x 30 x 63 cm