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C3 Crystal Clear Nitrate Remover 100g


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The Countryside Aquatics C3 Crystal Clear Nitrate Remover Resin is aimed at removing potentially harmful nitrates from your water.

Nitrates, in very small amounts, may not be a huge concern; however, nitrates can build up in an aquarium – often seen through an algae bloom. Should these nitrates be allowed to rise, it can result in nitrate poisoning for your fish.

Nitrate poisoning occurs when fish are exposed to gradually rising nitrate levels over any period of time where regular tank maintenance is not performed. Overfeeding and overstocking of fish are also significant contributors to slowly rising nitrate levels.

When steps are not taken to reduce nitrates, the cumulative effect can be fish death. Juvenile fish can be particularly effected.

Therefore, C3 Crystal Clear Nitrate Remover Resin is a key part of your tank maintenance. It will keep your nitrate levels extremely low but also keep control of the clarity of your water and algae content.

Who wouldn’t want water that is crystal clear and keeps their fish healthy?

One massive benefit of our high-quality resin is the fact that is can be easily regenerated, giving you a long-life product and a beautiful environment for you and your fish to enjoy.