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About us

About Us

The Aquarium People offer a one stop shop for all kinds of aquatics life. We pride ourselves in supplying the very best. Every single item we stock has been chosen by us to help you provide your fish with the best care. We use many of these products to care for our own fish.

All our live stock is cared for by a team of experts to ensure each and every living organism has the optimal environment to thrive. We wont let anything leave us unless we are 100% happy that it is in prime condition.

Why Choose Us

Ask the experts

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have about all aspects of the aquatic world.

By aquarists, for aquarists

All our products are selected by us to help you make your aquarium look amazing. We use our products both in store and at home to fully understand how they work. You wont find anything we haven’t tried and tested ourselves.

Care advice

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The Aquarium People TV

TAP TV is there to offer an insight in to the aquatic world with informative guides, set ups, store updates and more. Click Here to watch now

Delivery Information


The Aquarium People offer combined shipping on all live stock & dry goods to most of the U.K

We also offer delivery for all dry goods throughout Europe

Quality though passion

Quality though passion
Truly special livestock

With millions of species of fish, corals, plants & invertebrates world wide its sometimes hard to decide what to stock your aquarium with. The Aquarium People has done the hard work for you with an extensive range of regularly stock species.

We only stock the very best from the best suppliers world wide. The less common & unusual species we cherry pick ourselves.

black moor goldfish

black moor goldfish

New tropical fish added to our store

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Exclusive Brands

Exclusive brands you wont find anywhere else

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Everything in one place

Food, Filters & Fish, we’ve got it all under one roof

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Earn loyalty points with every purchase

Earn loyalty points to spend on food, fish, plants whatever you like!

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Free Shipping Over £49

Free shipping when you spend just £49on dry goods

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