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We are The Aquarium People

An aquatics center providing dry goods and equipment from excellent brands for tropical, cold water, ponds and marine fish. Now catering for reptiles with all the essentials including food and the necessary equipment.

“Top place to go owner’s knowledge is second to none.” – Nick Whittingham
“Excellent place! Lots of fish and a fun ‘family of  frogs’ ornament to spice up the tank!” –  Myles Curwen
“Lots of Hikari specialist food at a decent prices too.” – Barry Manriver

Product Of The Week

Product Of The Week

SuperFish Home 80 White

A modern plug and play aquarium with built-in filter and equipped with two long-lasting energy-efficient LED Sunrise Lighting, the white and blue lights simulate a natural sunrise, by intensifying the light level slowly to a maximum over 30 second period. With an 80 liter capacity perfect for aquascaping, LED finger touch operation with dimmable and on/off mode for timer operation, also including a cover to prevent fish from jumping out.


A Necessity In Every Aquarium's Life...

Water Conditioner is vital to any fish owner to keep their tank and fish in the best condition. One of the top tap water conditioners is Seachem Prime. Highly concentrated and detoxifies ammonia. When used with Seachem Stability the biological capabilities of the filter are vastly increased. Stability not only converts ammonia to nitrates but also continues to consume nitrate and sludge within the aquarium.

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